If your child seriously need my help in Maths, 
you can CLICK HERE to find out How.

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Our Awards ...

If your child seriously need my help in Maths, 
you can CLICK HERE to find out How.
MATHS SPECIALIST has been chosen and awarded as ...
1) "The Preferred Choices Of Singapore" in Education & Enrichment,
     by SG Preferred. Click Here to view the Achievement.
2) Asia Pacific Brands Award,
    by Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC - Mr Zainudin
    Nordin. Click Here to view the Award.
3) Singapore Brands Award
     Click Here to view the Award.

Thanks to all parents and students for all your supports : )

Our Founder - Mr K L Chua

Since 1995, Mr Chua has started his tuition journey at the age of 17. Being born in a poor family, he can only rely on PATIENCE, PASSION and COURAGE to overcome all obstacles in setting up his MATHS SPECIALIST. More about Our Founder >>>

Does Filomaths Suit Your Child?

Filomaths suits students who ...
- have done very badly in the Past, or
- have passed but never or seldom score 'A' in Maths, or
- have already score 'A' in Maths but NOT Consistent, or
- want to achieve 'A*' in Maths
- have already achieve 'A*' in Maths but want to spend
  lesser time and effort so ...
  1) to spend more times on weaker subject(s),
  2) to spend more times for hobbies,
  3) to spend more times for exercising to keep fit and healthy.

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Can We Also Ensure 'A' in Academics and Life?

In the Past, Mr Chua has shared his filomaths with his closed friends and students. They have achieved phenomenon success beyond ones' can imagine. People who Excel in Academics and Life >>>

What Others Have Said About Us?

"Mr Chua is able to explain complicated maths questions in a very simple way that even a housewife like me can understand too." ~ Parent, Mrs Sim.

"After sending my 2 sons to Maths Specialist, I have no worries in their Maths Results. They score over 80% always." ~ Parent, Mrs Low.

"Thanks for Teaching Seth. He had 7 Distinctions and  'A's in both Maths." ~ Elizabeth (As seen on TV 5)

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