1. Question Is the Answer

This is very SIMPLE but Profound and Powerful if you can understand the meaning hidden behind the sentence "Question Is the Answer". Let me give you some examples.

Eg1: "... Jenny's Weight is 3/4 of Petrina's Weight ..." tells you that Jenny has 3 units and Petrina has 4 units. In ratio, it tells you that Jenny:Petrina is 3:4.

Eg2: The unit for speed is "km/hr" which tells you that the formula to find speed is Distance/Time. Distance must be in km and Speed must be in hour. Get it? You don't need to memorise the formula but you must understand "Question is the Answer". Got it?

Eg3: y=ax^2 + bx + c tell you a lot of information. Can you give yourself 5 minutes to write down as many as you can think of?
ANSWER: 1)There are 2 values for x. 2)It is a curve, make use the shape of number 2 to remind you. 3)Positive 'a' tells you minimum curve (Mantra to 'CHANT#1': When u Think POSITIVE, u SMILE), and Negative 'a' tells you maximum curve (Mantra to 'CHANT#2': When u Think NEGATIVE, u FROWN). 4)'c' tells you the value of y-intercept ('c' represents cuts).

Eg4: You can also apply in weather study. If you look up in the sky and it is very dark, don't tell me it is a sunny day : ) Get it?

Eg5: If you see someone has tears rolling down his or her cheek, don't tell me that person is angry?haha (The expression of the face tells you lots of things.)

Eg6: What does BiMonthly mean? By looking at the word 'BiMonthly", you can see the word 'Bi' which tells you twice, and from it you can simply get the meaning of BiMonthy. See 'Question' is indeed telling you the 'Answer'. You can even apply our "Question is the Answer" in language.

Think in and out of the box about our ""Question is the Answer", and you can unleash its ultimate Power!

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