Revision on Sec 3E(Quadratic Equation)

Quadratic Equation: y=ax^2 + bx + c

How do you know an equation is Quadratic?
Use our "Question is the Answer" Tactic.

How to use?

Combine with "Left to Right" SubTactic by looking at the equation, starting from the left to the right.
i) +a represents minimum curve
ii) -a represents maximum curve
iii) Power of 2(^2) means 2 answers
iv) c is the value that the line which cut the y-axis which is known as *y-intercept.

NOTE: *intercept means cuts, passes through, meets, intersects and etc. *y-intercept also means that the x-coordinate is 0.

3 Ways of to Solve Quadratic Equation :-

i)   Cross Product 
ii)  Completing Square
iii) General Formula

Minimum thing to learn for this TOPIC to get a least a PASS?
Learn to Solve at least the Problem Sum of Quadratic Equation.

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To find out how the following 6 Tactics help you to 
Turn Problem Sum to Solution Sum, just click on it.

1. Question is the Answer - you don't need to memorize. Just SEE and Do it!
2. Break Into Pieces - for clearer interpret, therefore better understanding
3. Transformation - Sentence to a 'Picture' form for anlayzing clearly.
4. Modification - do a powerful presentation to create miracle.
5. Combination - combine whatever info you have understand after 'break into pieces'
6. Linking - Link up all present info that you have just combined and bring your PAST(what you have learnt) to link to the present information!

My advice:
Think about all I have written and guess the meaning of the Tactics thru' the word itself so that once I explained, u get a deeper and further understanding.

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