Types of Numbers

Real Number is the 'HEAD' that consists of
RATIOnale (the LEFT hand) and IRRATIONAL (the RIGHT hand) Number.

RATIOnal means number that can form RATIO.
NOTE:1) Recurring Decimal is a RATIOnal number because it has PATTERN.
2) 22/7 is a RATIOnal Number because Pi is 22/7 but 22/7 NOTE neccessary must be Pi

What are the types of number that can form RATIO?
Integer and Fraction

  • Integer such as 3 can be expressed as 3:1 since 3 = (3/1)
  • Fraction such as 2/5 can be expressed as 2:5
What is integer? Neither Fraction Nor Decimal
There are 3 types of integer:
1) Left -> Negative 2) Neutral(centre) -> 'O' 3) Right -> Positive
Integer consists of : -
Odd Numbers, Even Numbers, Prime Numbers, Perfect Square Numbers and Perfect Cube Numbers.
1) '0' is an even number.
Why? 0 / 2 will give u NO remainder. get it???

'2) 1' is not a Prime Number.
Why? since Prime Number means that Number that can be divided exactly by '1' and 'itself' which means that 'itself' must not be equal to '1' .
Another explaination: 'itself' can be any Postive Integer Number but not '1'
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