Our SMS Testimonials!

Students felt great satisfaction after attended our filomaths Training and they just SMS us to SAY 'Thank You!' We are the First to show you SMS Testimonials... Never Seen or heard before? Now, You can Hear and See it with your own eyes!

Note: Those who scored B3 are students who scored F9 even during their Prelim Exam. Under such great influenced by Mr Chua's Never-Say-Die Attitude, they succeeded. In fact, almost all of them are proceeding to get their degree in the local University. They will definitely remember what Mr Chua has told them.... as far as we are still breathing, we shall not say die but to 'fight' all the way bravely and honourably.

In Maths Specialist, we don't just simply impart strategies but also attitude and mindset. We don't give empty talk to student but act to show them. That's why many of our students are greatly influenced by us and achieved Academic Success even after their 'O' level without any tuition at all.


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  1. I have improved tremendously on difficult sums. Finally, my parents friend recommended Maths Specialist and I signed up for it and put in his very best efforts to change my perception of Maths.
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