Real People with Real Results!

< Before
He scored an average of 80% but he wants a breakthrough. He want an A* but he did not know how to achieve it, after putting in so much effort.

< After
Just attended only a few lessons, he applied what he has been taught, he made it - A* in Maths!

NOTE: You can request to see the original copy with  his real name on it. You can even request to talk to him, we are happy to arrange for it.

< Last year, she was very playful and unwilling to use what she has been taught, and she failed her Maths. She even failed her 1st Maths Test this year. She scored only 39%.

Mr Chua did not scold her at all but just ask her what she intended to do next. 

Why Mr Chua did not scold her?
Scolding will never help her at all but only increase her hatred in Maths.

What Mr Chua has done to 'enlighten' her?
Mr Chua simply asked her what she intends to do NOW to ensure she can do well in her coming Mid Year.

She eventually willing to apply what she has been taught, in her Maths Practices. She scored 65% in her Mid Year. A tremendous improvement of 26%, from 39% to 65%.

< Before
He scored an average of 70% plus.

< After
After attended less than 4 lessons, he scored 83%.

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