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"Before I attended Mr Chua's Accelerate Training, I was quite weak in Maths. Now, I find it pretty easy to solve Maths Problems. I also did very well for my Class Recent Test. I don't find Maths so difficult anymore!" Sheng Yong, Sec 2E

"I have learnt How to apply Filomaths Apples' story to solve almost any Maths questions and use small numbers to understand the Maths Concept before proceeding to difficult maths questions. I can understand how questions are phrased differently but the ways of doing are still the Same. I don't need to study so 'hard' for Maths to aim 'A'!" Yunn Jia, P6, 73% to 96% in less than 3 months

"I have learnt multiple ways to solve challenging problems such as Filomaths Apples' story, 'Do a Pair at a time' Method which can also help to prevent carelessness and also draw timelines for Distance, Speed and Time." Yap Eileen, P6

"I like coming to Maths Specialist because I can learn new strategies.I am always a step ahead of my school. I also learn how to tackle complicated and long-winded questions and easier ways to solve Maths questions. By doing so, I find Maths fun and easy." Ashvin, Sec 1E, He lives in Bukit Batok and he scored 75% for his Final Exam.
"I am able to get a clearer understanding of how to solve questions and now I don't need to spend lots of time in Maths in order to be able to solve more Maths questions." Dilys, Sec 1IP

Now, I have the courage to ask if I don't understand and learn to shorten the all the topics I learnt to a few. I was also taught how to be careful and the ways to remember what we have learnt. The most amazing thing that I never realised is that Filomaths Apples' story which brings Primary school topics to Secondary school topics can make Secondary Maths very much easier!" Matthew Lau, Sec 3E

"I am able to understand Maths due to very clear explanation of the trainer. I learnt how Maths topics are closely linked and understanding the formula is better than memorizing it." Amos Chia, Sec 4NA

"I have improved tremendously and 'Mathswashed' difficult sums to easy peasy simple sums. I learnt some simple but powerful methods in solving Maths problem sums, like FiloMaths' Apple Story and its T.C.M.L. concept. I was taught how to make my Maths' life much more livelier. Last year, I set a goal of 80% for my Maths SA2, and I achieved beyond it with a score of 94%." Darryl Loke Zi Yang, P6

"Before joining Maths Specialist, Maths was a horrible subject. I hate seeing Maths assessment books or papers. I will think of all ways to get rid of them out of my sight. Whenever I encountered Maths questions, I felt irritating and frustrating. Once I can't solve I would slam the book... Finally, my Mum's friend recommended Maths Specialist and I signed up for it. Mr Chua put in his very best efforts to change my perception of Maths. He is just like a magician performing magic on me... I understand his self-creation 'APPLES' Story' and I improved from a Fail to PASS and NOW I am the TOP in Class." Shaun Tan, Sec 4N

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