My name is Mr K L Chua. I have been living in this world for almost 37 years. I gave tuition since I was 17 years old. I failed my Maths since Primary 6. Guess how much I got for my 1st Maths test? A mere 3 out of a total of 50. What an awesome Maths result! 

However, due to my perseverance, I finally managed to clinch an 'A' for my PSLE Maths; just like water which is seemingly weak, it is able to overcome all obstacles owing to its persistence. Again, I failed my Sec 3E Maths and was retained. Guess again: What is my grade for my Additional Maths and Elementary Maths? An E8 for both. Everyone around me was commenting that I am just so stupid, but I found myself asking myself repeatedly, ‘Am I REALLY so Stupid?’ I want to prove to everyone that I am not just smart but wise and the day when I awakened finally came.

I decided: I must change. And since then, I discovered countless ways to learn Maths and apply my new-found strategies on other subjects as well as life and now, my current business. Sometimes, life may seem to be miserable. Everything happens for a purpose. Everything happens because it has something to teach you. No one can be a better teacher than yourself and the environment you grow and live in. The worse environment you live in, the more positive you have to remain. Only then, will you grow happier and stronger. Environment and human’s mindset are indirect proportional. Some students are really gifted. As long as one believes that he can be trained, that person will be genius one day. Be patient and result will definitely come.  We are who we think we are. I have been through different hardship before I grew matured and dare to be an entrepreneur immediately after my NS life. Life is challenging yet FUN

I named my Maths strategy as Filomaths. It comprises all areas of knowledge such as NLP, TaiChi, Sun Tzu’s Art of War, Mind-Mapping, Neuroscience and also my Very Own Strategies and Philosophy. Filomaths is indeed a tool that everyone must learn to gain control of his or her own future!

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