Strategies of Turning Problem Sum into Solution Sum

These Strategies are not only can apply in
Secondary Maths but also Primary Maths.

"As we grow, Things change."
How to apply the above quote?

1) Eg for Learning Process:
We begin to learn, we struggle.
After struggling, We learned.
Once we learned, We mastering.
When we begin to master, we struggle again.
After struggling, we mastered.
Once we mastered, We begin to learn New Thing....
The patterns Repeat!

2) Eg for Human Growing:
When we are baby, We look like Type A
When we are kids, We look like Type B.
When we are teen, We look like Type C.
When we are adult, We look like Type D.
When we are Old, we look like Type E.
When we are Dead, we look like Type F(Corpse Form).
When we are Cremate, we look like Type G(Ash Form)

No Matter when? How we look like? The 'I' is still the 'I'.

3) Eg for Maths:
When we are in P1 to P3, we learned 6 apples is $12.
we are in P4 to P6, we learned 6 units is $12.
When we are in Sec 1, we learned 6 x is $12.
When we are in Sec 2, we learned 6 x is $p
When we are in Sec 3, we learned (p+q) x is $(z + w + k)

No matter whatever name is assigned, the method is still the SAME.
If you say you are learning something new,
I should say you are further what you have learnt.


Whatever has Form is a *Delusion, Whatever has No Form is Real.
*Delusion means that it is not a permanant state, It keeps changing every seconds.

Metaphor: You don't see a radiowave, does that mean there is no radiowaves in the air.

"It exists in the form of No Form. I called it Formless.
It exists before the existence of radio.
The wise see the waves(method), the ignorance see the radio(question/topic).
The ignorance ignores the waves.
The wise accepts both the radio and waves.
Waves is not a waves, it is just a name assigned to this particular formless thing.
The begining of all things in universe is emptiness.
No name, No Form."
~Mr K L CHUA, Founder of Maths Specialist

How the Form is being formed?
With the combination of certain conditions that hits a certain criteria or factors.
Form is being created.

Methaphor: H2O when the condition is cold enough it turns solid(Physical Form).
When condition is too Hot, it turns to gas(No form).

Due to certain criteria or factor, the ice may called as snow, avalanche or etc....

"I don't say you are learning Maths.
I should say you are learning to recognise the external to internal of yourself
till the state of emptiness... that is your actual True Self!
Self awareness to Self-realistion then to Self awakened"
~Mr K L CHUA, Founder of Maths Specialist

"When Environment change, We must change!
If We resist, we will suffer.
You are moving very slowly and tirely
It need more energy to resist.
You are moving fast and relax
It need no energy to go with the flow."
~Mr K L CHUA, Founder of Maths Specialist

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- the founder of Maths Specialist
- the creator of FiloMaths
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