Revision on Sec 3E(Indices)

"If u see SPLIT, u COMBINE"
"If u see COMBINE, u SPLIT"

What are the above 2 sentences mean???

They mean that if you see
1) a^n * a^m(SPLIT), you a^(n+m)(COMBINE)
2) a^n / a^m(SPLIT), you a^(n-m)(COMBINE)
3) a^m / b^m(SPLIT), you (a/b)^m(COMBINE)
4) a^m * b^m(SPLIT), you (ab)^m(COMBINE)
5) (a^m)^n(SPLIT), you (a^mn)(COMBINE)
6) Anything^0 is always 1
7) NEGATIVE power, change it to POSITVE using Reciprocal
8) ROOT take out the ROOT by changing to ^(1/2).

Observation for the above: "Whatever they give you, do Opposite"

If they give you 'Split', you change to 'Combine'
If they give you 'Combine', you change to 'Split'

1) "Always go Opposite Once"
2) "Common Base, Compare Power"
3) "Common Power, Compare Base"
4) "Focus on PRIME Number"
5) "Anything the Power of Zero is 1"

****To Link, You need to find the Similarity >>
Example: How 16 link to 2?

>>>>>>>>>破 相 法<<<<<<<<<<
Answer: Change 16 to 2^4 (To link you need to focus Prime Number)

If You get enlightened by the 5 Mantras plus 破 相 法,
Your Indices will almost Perfect!
You are awesome!!!

Next article, I will elaborate further...

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