FiloMaths Words of Wisdom 1

"If You Think You Can, You Can!
If You Think You Can't, You Can't!"
- Mr K L CHUA, Founder of Maths Specialist

My dad is a butcher. We live in 4 room flat.
My parents has 4 children. All of them studied till Poly. Why?
My parents can't afford the university fee.

Then why I am able to setup my Education Business?

Based on my very limited savings and a Powerful Mind given by my parents.

This mind can be so powerful because in every seconds for years,
I keep telling myself I have a Powerful mind that can definitely create any wonders
that I like without any doubts at all.

In this mind, I recorded all the success that I have been through and what I have seen.

I never recorded any Failure. All Failure are 'edited' to Precious Lesson for me to save
in my mind for my future reference. In this mind, I recorded Success and Precious Lessons!

You need a COURAGE to edit the Failure to Precious Lesson! I know you will say it is difficult.

Once you mastered it will be Easy.

Your Mind have all the solutions for you. It is waiting for you to extract them.

Remember: Search solution internally not externally.

This Mind is formless (Please refer to the article here on Understand Your Mind, Brain and Eyes!) but very powerful. You can 'see' it only with an unpolluted 'eyes'. It is only fully unleashed to its fullest if only you have a complete pure mind.

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