What Actually is Difficult and What Actually is Easy?

If something that you know, definitely you will find it easy! If something that you don't know, you will find it difficult! Let me give you an example...

Can You remember how you learn to cycle?

Please be Honest! Don't tell me the very first time you jump onto the bicycle you know how to cycle without finding difficulty in balancing.

If you are the one, I think you come to the wrong planet or wrong dimension world...:)

When we begin to learn How to Cycle, we find it is extremely difficult to balance. While we are searching our ways to balance unconsciously, we need to struggle to balance.

Once we struggled, we mastered the Power of Balance. Being the master, balancing to us in Easy! We don't fall so easy!

Same when come to learning Maths especially. When we begin to learn Maths, we find it is extremely difficult to understand. Some weak-mind students just gave up. We should keep searching using different ways to find the right ways to understand.

The process of finding the ways is of course difficult because you need to struggle. Once you struggled, you become a master of learning maths. Only when you mastered the ways of learning Maths, You will find that learning Maths is Easy.

If you Master the Maths Questions, when comes to new questions you will struggle again.

Remember Master the Ways of Learning Maths and not Master the Maths Questions.

Begining of all things is bitter and painful so that the ending is Sweet!
Life is Great if you know the Actual taste of Sweet and Bitter.
Understand the Law and get Enlighten with the Law so that Maths can be Easy Forever!

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