"Break Into Pieces"

A Problem Sum is a combination of sentences.
Each sentence can be seperated by Full-Stop, 'and', and etc
If we 'break' into 1 sentence at a time to analyse, it will be Easy.
Of course, to "break into pieces", you have more steps but EASIER.
You need to GIVE (Your Patience) so that you will RECEIVE MORE (Correct answer).

FAQ: Do I need to use "Break into Pieces" during the Test or Exam?

Nope. You need to use "Break into Pieces" during your practising.

Practising till you can use it without knowing you are using is called perfect.

Conclusion: Using "Break into Pieces" unconsciously.

Example: You don't need to know how to breathe, to breathe. Y

ou breathe unconsiously without knowing you are breathing. Now have you realised?

If I never said, it may just bypass!.

During the Test or Exam, You will use "Break into Pieces" only

when u encountered very challenging question(s). Simple?

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