How Filomaths' Questions tell you More Answers!

Do you know that we can read and understand someone's character just from their face?

What so important in face reading?

Of course we want to know what are hidden behind what we like to know, that yet we don't know.
Face is just another representation of a human heart. It tells us a lot.
The matter is - Can you See it?

Just like Maths Questions, many students see questions as questions
but the founder of Maths Specialist sees Questions as the Answers.
Questions simply instruction to tell you what to do in order to find the answer that is required.

When the question said,"Ali has 12 apples more than John..", it tells u to...
draw a Longer Rectangle to represent Ali and Shorter Rectangle to represent John.

How You Know?
The sentence tells you. Therefore Question is the Answer.

How to apply and start using "Question is the Answer"?
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