FiloMaths - Modification

Look carefully the picture shows just below.

Is it of or 4 or any others?

Are you feeeling very confusing?

Are you now getting irritating?

Why I want you to realise now is to understand that Writing CLEARLY is very important.

If you are coufuse about the Maths questions, by not writing clearly, you will get even more confuse.

What happened next?

Your chance to know How to Solve is greatly reduced!

How to overcome?

Using "Neutralizing"

- The more you are getting more confuse, write neater. The more you are getting more panick, write slowly.

Keep Yourself Calm so that you can see a Wider Picture and able to use COMMON SENSE to guess the Exact Answer!

Now, do you have the answer? I believe you have.

Moral of Story:

1) Writing neatly is to make your mind clear during the exam. Clarity is Power!

"How you write, reflect and affect how you think and feel."

2) Everything is Linked!

3) Calm down in order to remember How to use your common sense to make yourself out of the
confusion feeling.

4) Prevention is always better than cure. So ALWAYS Write Neatly!

Getting more curious about filomaths, CLICK HERE for details.

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