How to use Momentum to Master Maths(1)

Looking at the Maths questions, You must not STARE.

4 PowerFul Steps You must follow to Turn Impossible to Possible:
You must Observe -> Extract KeyWords ->Write GIVEN: -> Work it out

Explaining the Psychological of Students

Write GIVEN:
Simply a starting - just like putting a key into the keyhole of the car and turn on the engine before thinking about whether you know how to drive or not.

By doing this, we are playing with our unconscious mind telling it that you know how to do it. If you are writing something, your body will think that you know. If you don't write something, your body think that you don't know how to do. What happen next?

You will keep staring and just give up - leaving the questions blanked. there willl be NO Ways to get any marks at all. However when the Maths Questions 'come back' to you again and you see them or the solutions that your teacher is now writing out just the first few steps, you will realised that actually you know How to do. WHAT A Waste?

You just get a ZERO for the question simply bcos You have ZERO Courage, not ZERO knowledge.

Sometimes, students fail Maths not because they can't do Maths. But because they can't overcome the Fear of just go about doing the FIRST few steps. Some naive students keep staring hoping to understand and able to see all steps in their mind without writing.

But the truth is...

Most of the time ONLY when you write something, then you are able to see.

What doesn't seem make sense, does make sense once you Write it Out!

You are able to see all steps in your mind without writing only when you practise Maths questions regularly.

" Write out the Key Information and Work it Out" Filomaths' mantra

"JUST DO IT" Nike's Mantra.

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