Use Your Common Sense

Let start with a simple Example on How to use Your Common Sense to do Maths.

1. 5 ____ 3 = 2. Guess what should you put in the blank? A number? or ???

2. If someone said that this toilet is not for male, so this toilet is for ________. See You know the answer without a need to hint or tell you at all.

3. The line y=2x + 3 intersect the curve y=2x^2 + 3x + 4. Find the coordinates.

Refering to No 3.

1. there are 2 information, they are y=2x + 3 and y=2x^2 + 3x + 4. Use Your common sense now, ask yourself - What else you can do with the 2 infos, assuming you do not know what the questions are asking.


4. Given 3/12, Use Your Common Sense and guess what you need to do???

5. (3x-2)/y + (5x-2)/z, Use Your Common Sense and guess what you need to do???

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