What is 'Simplify an Equation'?

What is Simplifying?
Look carefully, the 1st step is veryyyyyy Long and complicated
and the final answer is veryyyyy short and Simple.

"Simple and Short make it Sweet"

[2(x + 5y) - 3(x-y)] - 7[3x-(x+6y)]
= [2x + 10y - 3x + 3y] - 7[3x - x - 6y]
= [2x - 3x + 10y + 3y] - 7[2x - 6y]
= [ -x + 13y ] - 14x + 42y
= - x + 13y - 14x + 42y
= 42y + 13y -14x -x
= 55y - 15x

Basically, to simplify an equation you just need to understand the following
words in the bracket and you will master in just a few minutes!

"Inner to Outer, Left to Right" (Filomaths' mantra)

- Expansion Mantra: "Sign with Sign, No with No, Alpha with Alpha" (Modification)
- Arrangement Mantra: "x with x, x*2 with x*2, y with y and so on..." (Modification)
- Simplifying (Combination)

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