What is 'Solving an Equation' ???

What is Solving? To find the unknown.

Eg: 7x + 8 = 2x +28
              7x = 2x +28 - 8

Look at the above, there are 2 ways of learning: 

First way - recognising patterns:
"Whatever move across the Equal Sign, the sign changes." 

Advantage: Faster result and a feeling of easiness. Once the student feel easy, he or she is confident and able to perform well. 

Disadvantage: 'Losing' the true meaning of equal sign and the chance to teach the student what is life through learning maths.  

.... continue

      7x + 8 = 2x +28
              7x = 2x +28 - 8
              7x = 2x + 20
       7x - 2x = 2x - 2x + 20
              5x = 20
                x = 4 

Second way - Power of Balance through Neutralizing 

Understand the Law of Nature: The existence of '+'/'x' will result the existence of '-'/'divide' just like Ying(female) and Yang(male) . We need to use each other to neutralize. 

How You can apply this in life? When a hot-tempered person is shouting at you, you should stay 'Cool' to cool him or her down. You should Not shout back. Otherwise, fighting will occur. Neutralizing his Hot-tempered by staying Cool and talk nicer to him. By doing so Fighting can be prevented.

Through learning Maths, You are learning lots of important thing at the SAME Time. 

By understand the meaning of Balancing. You can almost master every single things on algebra. 

Disadvantage: Slightly take a longer time to see result. Once understand, you understand deeper and wider not only in Maths but Life as well. To understand, You need to think simple than simple. 

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Next article will discuss about Simplifying.


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