Use Neutralizing to keep yourself Balance : )

Ways to Keep yourself in Tip-Top Conditons during Test or Exam!

"If You Know How to do - Do it Fast but not Rush.
If You don't know How to do - Do it Slow but not Stop.
If Your Heart beats very Fast - Write Slower.
If Your Heart beats very Slow - Write Faster.
If Your Heart beats constant - Write at constant speed."
~ Mr K L Chua

The whole idea is to use neutralizing to keep yourself 'Balance'
in order to be in Tip-Top condition during the examination.

Your mind can perform at its maximum if you are able
to relax during the examination. The above filomaths "mantra"
is for you to understand not memorize so that you are able to use it
without thinking is what we so-called Mastering.

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