How to use Filomaths - Combination in Marketing!

X company distributes their flyers regularly as a form of advertising and the distributing of flyers are done by their own trusted team of people who has been doing for the company for years.

You can call them and advertise at the back of their flyers.

What so good about such Combination?

1) Reduce the cost of Printing since double side and bigger quantity.

2) Distribution is cut down by 50% for both of you. (WIN-WIN game)

3) No worry about your flyers being dumped by unprofessional flyer distributor(s).

4) Increase double the chance for keeping the flyers. People X who interest in Company X keep the flyers, also keep your flyers. People Y who interest in Your Company keep your flyers, also keep Company X flyers.

5) Save the Trees and Save the Earth.

The only strategies in Mastering Maths can be applied in almost all areas of life that is FILOMATHS that is created by Mr K L CHUA, the founder of Maths Specialist.

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