Using Metaphor to help student to understand!

The Power of Metaphor

5 Criteria:

1) Relationship between the 'thing' and the student
Hint: Best is something that associate with their daily life.

2) A story that need a bit of thinking but not too much.
Why? They will immediately shut off and the story will go into the ears but block by the brain.

3) Lame and funny story that need just a common sense to understand.

4) with rhythm or ryhmes to make memorizing easier.

5) Short and Sweet :)

How to make a student understand what is volume and Surface area in just a few minutes???
"Your Skin is Surface Area, Whatever Covering with your Skin is Volume!"

Sometimes, there is a need to make a student think deep but not hard so that they can understand and get enlightened.

What so important to do that?
He or she is able to change accordingly when the way the question changed.... Flexible!


Example: How to explain what is algebra?

Just say, "Algebra is Your Name!"

The student will defintely think deep for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Then You start to explain.

This way is to create curiosity and make them even want to find why? and how?
Naturally, the student will make him or herself to understand deeper and wider.

...with that, you slowly link across to the Actual Algebra.

... Just like Tai Chi Chuan's Theory:
Never use Brute force against Brute force. Neutralize Brute Force by Leveraging.
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By doing this the wall between Maths and the student will be removed
without anyone get hurt! Get it!

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