Keywords is the Key to the Meaning!

You need to know some of the Keywords to Begin to Learn How to Learn MATHS.

They are:-
1) To Learn
2) Learning
3) Learned
4) Understand
5) Mastery

When we begin To Learn How to Learn MATHS, we must empty our mind first and stay focus.

Empty our mind - A cup must be emptied before you can fill with water.
Focus - While You are learning Maths, don't think of others. Except Maths Maths Maths ...

"Empty your mind and stay focus on your present!"

Our Training Method: "Golden Pheasant Stands with One leg"

Benefit - Student will realize ...

  • how importance that if You lose your focus you will lose your balance.
  • things(Balance) can be achievable only when one know how to focus on the Right thing.
  • how everything is Linked or Connected
It is also a form of exercise to train his or her body and mind to balance and to relax.

Learning is a process where we start to struggle. With a teacher to guide us is to reduce the pain of learning and not eliminate the pain. No One can eliminate the pain of learning. This is the law of nature just like the Larva has to struggle in order to train its wings to be stronger so that it can fly when it turns to butterfly.

Solution: Pain is simply a way of thinking. Create the curiosity of knowing New or More things so that you will enjoy the process of learning. Curiosity creates enjoyment and enjoyment 'kills' the Pain.

Once You Learned at each stage, you begin to understand.

How You know if you understand?
You can explain in Your Own Words.

Further explaining How You know if you understand?
Initially you can explain only with a few words only but not clear. Then you begin to explain with even more words, trying to get even clearer till you seem to be very 'talkative'. At the final stage, you can explain with just a few words. The more you can keep it simple, the closer you are to the stage of Mastery.

I forgotten what I have learnt but I can do it, just like you have mastered how to walk without a need to remember how to walk at all.

Our Training Method: "Walk like a cat"

Benefit: Through such exercise, student is able to grasp exactly how he or she learns and accept how he or she should learn. He or she will then know how to learn and know how to fine tune their way of learning so that he or she can learn even more effective.

In Maths Specialist, we teach the students how to 'stand' FIRMLY so that they can 'run' and 'jump' in the FUTURE. Therefore we train our students to know how they learn so that they will know how they should learn to be effective. Only afterwhich, we can teach them Maths!

"We cure the ROOT of the Problem"

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The Ultimate way of teaching is not to teach with your mouth but with your Action.

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