Practise Bindly Made No Perfect

Many people keep saying to Master Maths we must Practise Make Perfect.

I should say the more I practise the more I hate the subject(s) especially when I put in so much effort and time but I still failed the subject(s)! :(

Life is not Just about Study what are taught in school. Life is to live to the fullest! By study like a Bookworm and Getting Straight As make a person to live to the fullest???

We need to learn to equip ourselves with the right knowledge and enhance our wisdom - knowing exactly what is right and good.

Many tuition centre are 'pouring' tons of Maths Homework to let their students to keep on practsing to get Perfect but he or she still not performing well during the Maths Test or Exam.

What exactly happen?

Lots of students are practising blindly without observing ...
1) How every topics are related to one another.
2) How the questions are asked.
3) Any patterns in the Steps of Doing and the Way the Questions are asked
and many more.

Even the students know a lot but CARELESSNESS has 'killed' them. Why?

Traditionally, many tutors and teachers simply followed blindly what was taught when they were students that is ...
1) Check Your Mistakes.

Ask Yourself: You can't see your mistakes as fast as what others can see it. Don't you agree?

In Maths Specialist - We taught students tactics to Prevent carelessness.

"Don't Create and You don't need to check."
~ Mr K L Chua, Founder of Maths Specialist.

Stop exhausting your child's energy and over-stressed your child. Don't give excuses such as 'there is no other choice' or ' there is the only way' or 'I have tried everything'.

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