Not to Learn Everything in Your Maths Textbook!

Do you know that we do Not Need to Learn all the chapters in Your Maths Textbook to Score 'A' in Maths, regardless if you are in Primary School or Secondary School?

If you know filomaths' philosophy which is 'Everything is Linked', You can apply it in Maths and You can greatly reduce the time and effort that you need to 'invest' on the subject Maths.

By Reducing the time and Effort, You can Score 'A' in Maths Much ....Much ...Much Easy. Not only Maths, since you can spend more time and effort on your weaker subjects, the rest of the subject will also improve.

That is why we have 'A' students coming to our Maths tuition to learn filomaths. Their main purpose is to learn How to Reduce the Time and Effort in Mastering Maths so that they can spend more time and effort on weaker subjects. Finally, they score distinctions for all the subjects

"We don't solve all problems. Solving the Main Problems, the rest of the Problems will be solved!"
~ Mr K L Chua

Basically, there are only 4 chapters in Primary Maths and 5 chapters in Secondary Maths that you must focus.

Once you master these Chapters, you mastered all the rest of the chapters.

"Everything is Linked. To Link, we must focus Similar. Similar and Differences co-exist. You can Choose it."
~ Mr K L Chua

The 4 important chapters in Primary Maths:
1) Whole Number
2) Fraction
3) Area and Volume
4) Algebra

The 5 important chapters in Secondary Maths:
1) Algebra
2) Properties of Circle
3) Trigo and Bearing
4) Probabililty
5) Vector

That's not all. There is a BIG Breakthrough in Filomaths - You don't have to focus the chapters in your Maths Textbook. You need to learn 2 chapters in Filomaths. They are 'Question is the Answer' and 'Apples' Story'

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