Don't Check for Mistakes! Prevent them from Arising!

We were taught to check our mistakes after we have finished all the Maths Questions during the Maths Test or Exam. After we have spent so much time checking our mistakes, when the Maths Test or Exam Papers are returned to us, we realised there are still lots of careless mistakes that we have made. What happened?

It is very difficult to spot your own mistakes, just like you can't see your pimples (mistakes) on your face unless there is a mirror (other people but not yourself).

Therefore, while we are doing the Maths questions, we should do prevention to avoid careless mistakes from arising. Prevention is better than cure. But How to do 'Prevention'?

Keep Neat, Write Clearly and Show all your workings! Never do your Test or Exam to fast. Keep doing without stopping which we called it as 'Momentum'

In filomaths, we have 'Apples' Story' to help student to avoid Confusing while doing the Maths questions. Filomaths Apples' Story is to make the student to think simple so to execute the answers naturally. Less Confusing, Less Careless Mistakes. No Confusing, No Careless Mistakes!

We have 'Modification' to focus on good presentation so that he or she can see clearly what he or she is doing. This is the 2nd Tactic to further reduce the careless mistakes from arising.

What happens if there are still some careless mistakes?

Not to worry, we have 3 ways of checking to eliminate almost all careless mistakes!

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