Eliminate Careless Mistakes 100%!

In Filomaths, we have 2 ways to Prevent Carelessness from arises. They are:-

1) Filomaths Apples' Story:- Execute answers without thinking.
It will make everything so simple that you won't make any 'dumb' mistake.

2) Filomaths Modification:- Create Clarity through Presentation.
To avoid any confusion in your mind because No Confusing = No Carelessness

By applying the above 2 ways, we have filtered lots of careless mistakes...

but what happened if you have done all the PREVENTION and yet there are still careless mistakes.

So how to eliminate 100%...

Apply Filomaths' 3 Ways of Checking. They are ...

1) Looping Check
2) Common Sense Check
3) Pattern Check

Want to know more about Filomaths' 3 Ways of Checking and see How they can eliminate your carelessness 100%?

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