How to Solve Maths Question without Understand?

In Maths Specialist, we are using Mr K L Chua's Self-Created Filomaths System to train students on how to handle almost all the problems that students are facing in learning Maths and also during the test or exam.

As far as the students follow the advices of the Trainers, the results can be seen instantly regardless whether he or she has a good foundation or not. You simply can't just use logic to understand what is filomaths. You need to use logic and illogic to understand a complete filomaths. It is NOT difficult to understand filomaths as filomaths is created to make things EASY.

Let's us show you an Example How Students can simply make an Easy Maths Question to become so Difficult?

Assuming a student who has NEVER learn Maths Chapter on Average or does not know What Average is, is doing the following question ...

The average height of 4 boys is 1.4m. Find the total height of the boys.

When the student who read this and come across the word 'average', he or she will immediately tell you 'I have not learnt, so I don't understand. Therefore I can't do."

Think precisely, do you really need to know what is 'average'? Do you really need to understand???

Nope. Just give yourself a chance by try out first before decide whether you can do it or not.

How to Try???

Use Your Common Sense ... Since the word 'Total' exists, it means that the question wants you to find the height of 4 boys.

Ask yourself : Can the '1.4m' be the height of 4 boys? Simply using our common sense, you will know the answer, right?

Definitely 1.4m is for 1 boy. Now, do you really need to understand the Questions in order to get the right answer? Absolutely NOT!


Never Say 'I DON'T KNOW' if you have NOT get started at all. LOL!

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