TRANSFORMATION: 破相法 - "Break through the Form"

What is 破相法 - "Break through the FORM"?
-> to see through; to see beyond what you can see and can't see
-> to achieve this, You must train your mind to see not your brain.

1) How To achieve in seeing with your Mind?
2) What are the differences between Mind and Brain?
3) What are the relationship between Eyes, Brain and Mind?
The above 3 questions will be discussed in next article!
-> form which means things you can see with your naked eyes or any equipment.
-> method.Example 1:Level 1 >>> 6 apples = $12
apple = $12/6 = $2
Level 2 >>> 6 units = $12
1 unit = $12/6 = $2
Level 3 >>> 6 x = $12
1 x = $12/6 = $2
Discussion of Example 1:When we grow, we start to move from Level 1 to Level 3. Once we learned Level 2, we forgotten Level 1. We thought that by learning Level 2, Level 2 is a New Level. Wrong! See Probably Level 1 to Level 3 are exactly the same.
What is the core similar?
To find 1 thing is always DIVIDE!
Only at different Levels, they are named differently.

Example 2:
Level 1 >>> Ice
Level 2 >>> Water
Level 3 >>> Vapour

Disussion of Example 2:
At Level 1, temperature is low, H2O is a solid form named Ice.
At Level 2, temperature is average, H2O is a liquid form named Water.
At Level 3, temperature is high, H2O is a gas form named Vapour.
When H2O is Water, we forgotten it is once an Ice. We thought it is something New,
Completely Wrong! See Probably.
Ice, Water and Vapour are physically change. Don't be fool by their form. They are still H2O(The core similar)
Only at different Level, they are named differently.

"To name differently is to differentiate clearly"
~ Mr K L Chua

Summary of 破相法 - "Break through the FORM"!
"By learning Level 1 to Level 3,
It makes me hate Maths.
If I choose to learn 'DIVIDE' or 'H2O',
I realised that I don't really need to learn.
I only need to Link by not forgetting what I have learnt
and remembered what I learned.
In fact, I don't need to learn when I am in Level 3!
In Level 3, I am a Master of 'DIVIDE' or 'H2O'"
"FiloMaths is Easy Only if You see it."
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