Understand Your Mind, Brain and Eyes!

1) What are the differences between Mind and Brain?
2) What are the relationship between Eyes, Brain and Mind?

Let me give you an example to tell you all the 3 things.(Please refer to the picture)

Our Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue and Body are receving all different forms of information. The forms are Visual, Auditory, Smell, Taste and feeling. What about our brain? It receives all forms of information and decodes them to interprete and then 'reply'. All these forms are called Mind! Minds has no form just like frequency waves but everyone knows it exists.
If we think Radio as Brain, Speaker as Mouth, Antenna as Eyes. External visual information(Mind1) is received by the eyes just like the radio frequency is received by the antenna. The information is decoded by the circuit in the radio(brain) and output the information through the Speaker(Mouth) in the form of Soundwave(Mind2). See the Transformation of radiowaves(Mind1) to Soundwaves(Mind 2). Just due to different frequency therefore each waves is assigned with different names.

What is the purpose of the above information?
It helps us to understand that if you want to do well in your Maths. You cannot simply practise doing all the questions alone. You need to practise observing the questions, steps of doing and etc. You must also practise your feeling to a state that when you are doing you can feel that your workings are right or wrong or any careless mistakes appearing or going to appear. You also must train to recite to yourself reagrding the steps of doing until it is auto whenever you encounter any similiar questions. It is not simply practising one area and forget the other area of your senses. Practising is not simply about hands-on doing. Practising make perfect means practising all areas of your senses till it can be done by itself automatically(unconsciously).

Next article, I will goto Sec 3E(Algebraic Manipulation)
It is very simple. I can tell you that you have learnt it since Primary School. Do you know which topic? .... it is Fraction.

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