Revision on Sec 3E(Algebraic Manipulation 1)

A) Change "2 Level to 1 Level"

1. Scan from Left to Right.
2. Look at denominator.
3. You see 3.

Use the "Power of Balance".
Balance Law in FiloMaths
- states that if whatever You have done on the Left hand side, you must do the same on the Right hand side.

4. Left side x3 = Right side must also x3.(See Step 2)
5. Left side x(1/2PI) = Right side must also x(1/2PI).(See Step 3)
6. Left side squared = Right side must also squared.(See Step 4)
7. Left side x(4PI squared) = Right side must also x(4PI squared).(See Step 5)
8. Left side x(s squared) = Right side must also x(s squared).(See Step 6)
9. Left side x 1/(9p squared) = Right side must also x 1/(9p squared).(See Step 7)
10. Left side x(power of 1/2) = Right side must also x(power of 1/2).(See Step 8)

"Squared is to get rid of Square root. To square root is to get rid of square."
(If you do not understand Balance on No 10, the above mantra is another way to help you)

B) Finally use the Power of "Modification"
Modification's Law in Filomaths states that the 'physical' of the equation must remain intact.

Eg: -3+5 if you change to 5 - 3 is called Modification.
-3 + 5 if you change to 2 is called Transformation.

Purpose of Modification: To look better!!!!

Transformation's Law in FiloMaths states that the 'physical' of the equation is totally
change but the essence(answer) remain intact.

Conclusion: If you truly understand what is BALANCE you know almost everything!

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