Parents Can Help Your Child to Score 'A' in Maths!

Be a Maths Tutor yourself at home to speed up your child's ability to Score 'A' in Maths!

Due to many parents interested in learning Filomaths, Our Founder - Mr K L Chua is going to impart his Filomaths Tactics to parents so that parents can USE 'IT' at home.

We are DUPLICATING Multiple Mr Chua's at different home to help students to score 'A' in Maths in the SHORTEST Possible Time Even MORE EFFORTLESS!

Think about it: We can spend only 2 hours per week with Your Child but you can spend everyday with your child. By creating Filomaths Training for Adult, Your child will definitely find VERY DIFFICULT to fail Maths but ABSOLUTELY very EASY to Score 'A' in Maths! LOL.

There are only 16 Seats only for the Year 2009 - Filomaths Training for Adult! So Hurry!

Click Here to sign up for our 1-HR FREE Preview and experience Yourself the Power of Filomaths.

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